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As with anything, when you bundle you get more for less! That's why at Kolorkist we came up with our cleaning plans that provide our customers in San Antonio with massive discounts when they bundle carpet cleaning with our other cleaning services. Because let's be honest, when you need one surface in your home cleaned, you most likely need them all. Choose from one of the plans below, right click the image and save the coupon, and make sure to mention the coupon when you call in to schedule your cleaning!

Indoor Surface Cleaning - 20% Discount

our basic inside floor cleaning plan

If your carpets are dirty, your tile and grout or other hard surfaces probably are too. Why not get them all cleaned at one time so that your entire interior is looking and feeling fresh? Looking to have family over and the inside of your house is a wreck? Or possibly your family just left and you need to clean up after the mess they made! Call us today and mention our basic floor cleaning coupon!

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Indoor and Outdoor Surface Cleaning - 30% Discount

Our recommended floor cleaning plan

It's a bad feeling when you get your floors cleaned inside and then track in dirt from a dirty driveway or sidewalk. Take it from us, you will have peace of mind when your surfaces are cleaned inside and outside of your home. This is a great plan to get all of your surfaces feeling brand new, not to mention the curb appeal your home will have with a sparkling clean driveway.

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Complete Home Cleaning - 40% Discount

THe best plan we offer, a complete clean inside and out.

If you want your home to look, feel, and smell like new, this is your plan! We come in and clean all of your carpets, your tile and grout or any hard surface, inside and outside, and then completely clean your air ducts. Feel and breathe the difference, it will be like walking into a new home! 

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